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Enterprise LLC


EST. 2021

Since 2010

We do things a little different

With 33 years of combined experience in culture and climate change management, the Everett’s are known for bringing innovative and engaging solutions to the forefront. After providing collaborative cross-sector community solutions for the past 11 years, the Everett’s are combining their professional experience, community serving experience and lived experiences together to bring you high quality, creative encounters that foster sustainable outcomes. If you are looking for a fresh outlook, seeking resolve to complex dynamics, or help shifting your company’s people experience, your solution starts here!

100% Committment

Our Promise

We at Everetts Enterprise LLC are 100% committed to transformative change. Our methodology and professional philosophy stem from transformative education and restorative practices. As grassroots community organizers at heart, we look forward to working with your team to stimulate  optimal outcomes that will propel, transcend and transform your operational culture. Our focus is people-centered and we are all about connectivity. Learn more about us and see if we might be a fit to assist your needs by sending us a message now.