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About US

01. Innovative 

Folx describe our work as “cutting edge”, “fresh”, “creative”, and “fun”. One thing you can be certain about in working with Everetts Enterprise, is that we do not do “business as usual “. Complex situations require diverse and innovative thinking. Our consultants specialize in the uncomfortable and are trained to get your team out of their comfort zones and into the creative space, where real solutions are possible. 

02. Professional

While we love to bring the fun and joy that is so easily is forgotten in the workplace, At Everetts Enterprise, we take our work ethic and professional reputation very seriously. We thrive off of feedback and do not believe in losses, only lessons. Each and every contract is an opportunity to improve our practice and refine our skills. We engage in ongoing professional development, training and research to bring our clients the the very best.  

 03. Intuitive 

At Everetts Enterprise we are intuitive in all that we do. Be it teaching, training, facilitation, or public speaking. One of our core goals when working with a client is to become innately in-tune with their needs, unique operating style, and their desired outcomes. We have found that research and best practice can only go so far, we lean into our intuition, which allow us to be able to quickly pivot, adapt and gently challenge the status-quo, while also fostering connectivity and a sense of community in any atmosphere.


Our Team Of Professionals

Dennis Everett Jr.

Senior Consultant

Dennis is an advocate, a multi-talented artist and passionate agent of change. He has traversed much from being a gang leader to a national thought leader and activist in prison reform, youth work and organizational development.  In 2019 he was awarded the NAFI Distinguished Alumni Award. Dennis is the Co-Founder of Power of Self-Education (POSE) Inc., a social justice community engagement and advocacy organization. He has over 10 years of attuned experience working in community based initiatives and an uncanny leadership style that has elevated his professional career. Dennis is a strategic problem solver and has helped hundreds of businesses to improve their outcomes. Dennis is a natural community activist having led several cross-sector community mobilization efforts, and serves on various city and regional committees to address multi systemic community issues. Currently sought out for his reentry expertise and facilitation style in Restorative Justice, Dennis has used restorative justice to build community through creating circles within Essex County, Middlesex County, and the D.O.C. Dennis is trained through the Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University, and works with the Center as a facilitator/Trainer.  He serves on various city, regional and state committees that address multi-systemic community issues including the Massachusetts Restorative Justice Advisory Committee, DOC’s Structural Racism Committee, and the DOC’s Restrictive Housing Unit. Dennis is committed to continuing to learn all that he can regarding restorative justice and bringing the practice to as many communities as possible.

Kat Everett

Senior Consultant

Katrina “Kat” Hobbs Everett, M.Ed., is a constructive deconstructionist, anti-racist, educator, entrepreneur, curator, activist, writer, and spoken word artist. She is a senior level Executive with over 23 years of refined experience in the human/social services field working in a variety of professional settings and levels including grassroots organizations, city, state, and federal entities, public k-12 schools, public and private higher education institutions. Kat has 10 years of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) education experience, and extensive community engagement expertise specializing in relationship development, coalition building, and working with cross-sector teams. Kat is the Co-Founder of Power of Self-Education (POSE) Inc. a community engagement & advocacy nonprofit who’s mission is “to inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen communities”. She is also the founder and curator of COCO Brown, a cultural community healing center and co-working space that uses the mediums of art, music, storytelling, and movement to strengthen community relationships and improve social and economic equity. During the pandemic Kat founded and launched a state certified black owned /woman owned business enterprise, that provides large- and small-scale consulting, coaching and facilitation services to individuals, groups and businesses to assist with transformative culture shifting in an effort to foster places of belonging. Kat is also an Adjunct Instructor teaching in a Social Justice program at a private liberal arts college in Massachusetts. Her personal mission is to “Constantly Cultivate Community”.


What We Do Best

Resolution specialists

Conflict resolution and strategic problem solving. Specializing in creating brave spaces of inclusion, empathy, deep-level processing and authentic healing.

Build community

Cultivating connectivity, fostering a sense of community and working with and across differences. Relationship development and expanded networks.  

Professional development

Training, coaching, workshops, team building and skill development. Areas of expertise include: youth development, inclusion, leadership styles and team development.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and Justice (DEIBJ)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging training, workshops, guidance, support. Restorative Justice and Reentry consultation and support.

Culture shifting & Change management

Workplace culture, organizational culture, and operational culture strategy. Strategic culture shifting and change management services.


Who we’ve worked with 

People experiences

Curating services, conferences, speaker series, workshops, symposia, staff retreats and transformative educational exposures. Multimedia, arts, music and interactive activities to support staff and community experiences. 

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